Fundamental Movement Skills

First and foremost, a big thank you goes to all the students of Cable Beach Primary School who have displayed an excellent attitude towards all Phys Ed lessons. It has really been a great start to the year in teaching Phys Ed.

During this term we focussed on Fundamental Movement Skills, fitness training and small and large ball skills development with a modified basketball theme embedded throughout the activities. We also competed in a number of interschool carnivals including swimming and basketball.

In week 5 the interschool swimming team made their way to the BRAC Centre to compete in the inaugural WKPS Interschool Swimming Carnival and put up an exemplary effort throughout the day. The camaraderie and sportsmanship displayed throughout the whole day was outstanding and the persistence and resilience to never give up was amazing. Even though we achieved 7th place, all of the students where to be highly commended as proud ambassadors of the school. A big congratulation goes to Amelia Carlow who was able to achieve Year 5 Runner up Champion Girl.

Week 10, the Year 5/6 student basketball teams ventured to the BRAC basketball courts to compete in the ‘Smarter than Smoking’ WKPS Basketball competition. The students were once again excellent ambassadors for the school throughout the whole day and displayed excellent sportsmanship and camaraderie. Both teams put up a valiant effort and were able to achieve success a number of times in their games. Both the boys and girls displayed some amazing skills, and were unlucky to lose on 2 accounts by less than 2 points and won their 3 other games quite significantly.

At the beginning of this term we ran our Cable Beach PS X Country Championships and it was fantastic to see so many students displaying excellent resilience and sportsmanship. Those students who were able to gain a top 4 finish will be competing in the WKPSSA Interschool X Country carnival on Wednesday 29th May at the Broome SLSC on Cable Beach. The results can be viewed in the newsletter.

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