KindiLink is a play-and-learn initiative for Aboriginal three year old children who attend with a parent/carer.

KindiLink is provided for you and your child at Cable Beach Primary School. It is a play-and-learn initiative for three year old Aboriginal children in the year before they start Kindergarten. Children attend with a parent/carer for six hours a week. KindiLink offers high quality play-and-learn sessions for children and their parent/carer at Cable Beach Primary School, at no cost to families. Families are supported by our staff to be actively involved in the activities with their children.

Where there is room in the program, younger members of the family may also attend with the three year old child.   Children and families from outside a KindiLink school’s catchment area are welcome to participate in KindiLink.   Where room also exists, and with support from attending families and the local community, non-Aboriginal children and parent/carers may be invited to participate.

Families can sign up for KindiLink by contacting the office.