TERM 2, ISSUE 2 23rd May 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,


We are nearly at the end of a pretty tough 2 week testing period. ICT glitches, power outages, water problems etc did their best to disrupt us however we have done our best! A special mention to our Year 3 & 5 students who remained focussed and very resilient throughout. To Mr Sarsfield, class teachers and other staff who assisted – a job well done.

We decided not to redo any of the tests (with paper and pencil) as some schools did. Staff felt that the added stress and time lost in the teaching program was not in the best interests of our students. Results derived will need to take into consideration these distractions.

Cross Country

Well done to all those who competed in last Friday’s school event. The school team (first 4 placed competitors) have been training hard and will represent CBPS next Wednesday at the interschool event.

Broome Cluster Conference

Next Friday 31st May all school staff from the 5 public schools will be involved in the educational conference held at Broome Senior High School. Therefore students will NOT be at school on this day. This date was selected to give families the option of a 4 day weekend as opposed to 2 separate conventional long weekends.

Digital Communication

We are reviewing our digital communication in order to simplify, for our families. Therefore by the end of term we would expect to have a new website in operation and using the Seesaw App as our primary form of communication. The current School Bag app will no longer be used and our Facebook page will remain. More information to follow.

Reconciliation Week

We will commence with a traditional smoking ceremony held on the oval on Monday 27th May at 8.15. All are welcome to join us in the ceremony.

Regards Paul Neates

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