Adversity is a part of life

How well you deal with adversity depends on how well you are prepared to face it.

Parents and care givers play an important role in preparing children to face adversity.

Here are a few simple ways to help build resilience in your children:

  • Acknowledge a child’s emotions, let them feel them and give them words to describe how they are feeling.
  • Listen to the worries a child has and encourage them to problem solve if they can.
  • Ask a child how they would like to be supported when they share their worries.
  • Try not to protect a child from failure, encourage them the try again ift hey do experience failure.
  • Suggest more helpful self-talk if your child is talking negatively.
  • Encourage positive conversations by asking: ‘What was the best thing that happened today?’ or ‘What was something that didn’t go well today?’For more resources and information on building resilience check the website below. Combe School Chaplain

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