Local intake area

Cable Beach Primary School is in a local intake area, to find out if you are able to attend our school view and download the intake area map or call the office 08 9194 7300 and speak with our staff.

The following will define the local-intake area of this school from 2015:

From the junction of Port Drive and the coastline, generally north along Port Drive (west side included) to the three way junction of Port Drive, Frederick Street and Cable Beach Road East, north from this junction through the Broome International Airport to the south east corner of the Bilgungurr Aboriginal Community, north east and north west along the eastern boundary of this Community to a point a point due north of the junction of Frederick Street, Cable Beach Road East and Port Drive, north from the Community boundary to a point due east of the junction of Gubinge Road and Murray Road, due west from this point to the aforesaid junction, north west and west along Murray Road (south side included) and the westward extension of Murray Road to the coastline of the Indian Ocean, and south along the coastline to the junction with Port Drive.