KindiLink is a play and learn based program for 0 to three year old children. The program has an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural focus.

Held on site in our Mirandu Nyirrwa Class, the program aims to:

  • Prepare children for school
  • Build family and school relationships
  • Create a positive attitude and a sense of belonging towards the school
  • Improve educational outcomes for children

Cable Beach Primary School and the Department of Education will provide a teacher and Aboriginal Islander Education Officer, resources and funding for the program. Parents and staff work together to determine the emphasis of the program based on family and children needs.

Who is KindiLink for and who attends?

KindiLink is for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander children from 0-3 years old. As first educators, parents or carers are always in attendance with their children.

Where is KindiLink based?

KindiLink can be found in our Early Childhood area in the Mirandu Nyirrwa class.

When Does KindiLink run?

Our weekly sessions are on Monday and Tuesday from 8am until 11am.

Who are the staff?

Each play and learn session will be supported by two school staff members.

Teacher          Samantha Rainey-Barton

AIEO                Tsheena Cooper

Registrations and any further information can be accessed by contacting the school on 9194 7300.