About us

The staff at Cable Beach Primary School, in partnership with parents and community, continue to support a school culture with students striving to attain essential academic, artistic and sporting skills while developing a caring and respectful attitude that fosters good citizenship.

Cable Beach Primary School (CBPS) was officially opened in 1990 as the second public school in Broome catering for Kindergarten to Year 7 until 2014 and to Year 6 from 2015. The school has a culturally diverse student and staff population and prides itself on the ability to work collaboratively and to follow the principles of inclusivity.

CBPS provides a range of programs that cater for diversity including a Music Specialist who has developed bands, a choir and instrumental music. The school also has English and Maths coaches who provide support to teaching and non-teaching staff to implement curriculum and up-skill all staff.

There is also a specialist program in Visual Arts and another in Physical Education for students in Years 1-6. The Early Childhood Education team has a focus on a Speech and Language program for the early years, a 0-3 Aboriginal readiness program, the National Quality Standards implementation and the school has been identified as a Teacher Development School for the Early Years providing professional learning to teachers across the state.

CBPS also has a School-based Attendance Officer and six AIEOs who work throughout the school. The school is renowned for its work valuing and teaching the Yawuru traditional language and culture, which has been a focus of the school for many years. The school has a purpose built Library, Music and Art/Science rooms.

“Cable Beach Primary School is an Independent Public School (IPS) and part of the Broome Cluster of Schools.”

This IPS status allows for local decision making and greater independence and flexibility in regards curriculum, staff recruitment, student support, financial and resource management.

The school is involved in the implementation of the Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) to enhance school culture. The aim is to teach and guide positive behaviours within a fun, safe and nurturing school environment that is inclusive of all cultures.

Cable Beach Primary School has the support of parents and the community with an effective Parents and Citizens’ Association and School Board. The school’s success is linked intricately to the partnership between the parents and community.