Uniform Store

 The uniform shop is open every Friday 7.45 to 8.15am

Orders may be placed at the front office or online at www.schoollunchesonline.com.au out side of these hours

Current Uniform Price list

The corporate assistance form is available to download, print and forward to corporations to request assistance with uniforms, canteen and other school costs.

If you require Proof of Enrolment or Attendance details for your child please contact the front office.

About Our Uniform

The wearing of school uniform imparts a sense of belonging. It represents the school on a personal level and should be something which can be worn with pride. Uniforms also create an even playing field for all, so that every student is relieved of peer pressure to have the “latest” fashion item.

The school strongly urges parents to assist us by ensuring the uniform is worn. We are also very grateful for the donation of second hand uniforms for needy families.

Uniform Dress Code

 Cable Beach Primary School expects all children to dress in the school uniform and to wear shoes. The wearing of the blue, school hat is compulsory when playing outdoors. The school supports a NO HAT – NO PLAY policy in keeping with Sun Smart strategies. Caps, bandanas or other headwear are not acceptable for play in the sun. 

Students must not wear make up, earrings (other than sleepers), nail polish or jewelry (other than religious / cultural icons as appropriate). When a student is representing the school he/she must wear the school uniform. This applies to individuals, teams or other groups. 

The school uniform consists of:

  • Blue T shirt with logo 
  • Black shorts, skirt or skort 
  • Dress 
  • Shoes 
  • Blue bucket hat 
  • Faction T-shirt 

It is not permissible to wear thongs or sandals without back straps. Closed in shoes are considered the best choice for safety at play and in the classrooms. There is also a Faction Shirt for students to wear on the days they do sport, or Phys Ed, and for Faction Carnivals.