Power Outages

Dear Parents,

RE: Power Outages and NAPLAN 2019

At approximately 8.30 this morning our Year 3 students commenced the Reading test. By 8.50 students were progressing brilliantly with all the equipment behaving.

However, at 9am the power outages wiped the smiles off students and teachers faces alike.

Unfortunately, the lengthy delay and disruption to the school server did not allow for the Year 3 test to be completed or for the commencement of the Year 5 Reading Test.

We plan to complete the Year 3 & 5 Reading tomorrow and Conventions and Numeracy next week. Fortunately, the excellent planning by Mr Sarsfield and class teachers has allowed plenty of time to complete the tests – even with the significant disruptions.

I’m currently in discussion with NAPLAN officials as to the effect of the disruptions (power and technical) on the students’ performances.

Paul Neates

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